Vici Health Sciences, an innovative formulation development and cGMP clinical supplies manufacturing company, is pleased to announce its initiative focused on helping patients with dysphagia achieve better healthcare outcomes. This program is built on Vici’s problem-solving approach to formulation development and its deep expertise and skill in regulatory and scientific aspects of pharmaceutical drug development.

Dysphagia afflicts millions of Americans and is a global problem confronting doctors and healthcare professionals worldwide. Certain disease states such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke adversely affect patients ability to swallow tablets and capsules. In addition, a significant proportion of the elderly face difficulty swallowing medicine as they grow older. Swallowing problems remain a major issue in nursing homes and other managed care facilities where nursing staff often crush tablets and mix it with juice and are required to wait till the patient consumes the entire glass, leading to significant staffing inefficiencies and unnecessary risk to both staff and patients in these facilities.

Vici offers a variety of formulation solutions to address this problem.

    • Reformulation of solid oral dosage such as tablets and capsules to solutions and suspensions
    • Chewable tablets
    • Orally dispersible tablets
    • Sprinkle dosage forms for administering with food
    • Mini tablet formulations
    • Taste masking formulations through additions of taste masking ingredients
    • Taste masking through hot melt granulation and coating
    • Wax-based formulations to eliminate bitter taste of drugs
    • G-Tube (gastronomy tube) appropriate formulation and g-tube testing
    • API complexation techniques for taste masking

These techniques are also applicable for pediatric formulation development because children often do not or cannot swallow tablets or capsules. “Vici has developed a variety of formulations over the years to better serve the needs of geriatric and pediatric patients” noted Dr Anish Dhanarajan, CEO and Founder of Vici Health Sciences. “Leveraging our core competency and expertise in formulation development, we are able to learn, adapt, and solve almost any problem our clients have in reformulating their drug to be easy for administration to patients with dysphagia”.

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