Formulation Development

Developing high quality stable and bioequivalent formulations

Analytical Method Development

Low-cost, HPLC method development and testing


Solving stability problems and performing R&D stability studies


Establishing bioequivalence to reference products

Regulatory Filing

ANDA and NDA 505(b)(2) documentation and FDA filing

Our goal is to delight our customers through expertise and innovation in formulation development. We are passionate about solving our customer’s problems.

These problems may be high-cost, project delays, poor customer service, or low-quality R&D. Work with us to boost your company growth through new product development.

Contract Development

We have proven expertise in finding innovative, low-cost, high-quality solutions to technical and logistic problems and we pass the savings on to you. Being US based, we are your ideal one-stop R&D partners.


Vici has proven expertise in identifying market needs and is working to expand its commercial development partnerships for products developed in-house.

Branded 505(b)(2)

The 505(b)(2) NDA pathway allows companies to create new dosage forms, of previously approved molecules, that offer improved convenience, safety, or efficacy at a fraction of the cost of traditional NDAs. Vici is currently developing two products targeting CNS diseases that are on track for 2020 FDA filing.

ANDA Products

The ANDA pathway is used for the development and approval of generic medicine. Working for our clients, Vici has developed and filed ten (10) ANDAs, eight (8) of which have been approved. Four additional products are on track for ANDA filing by Q1 2020.

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