Vici Health Sciences has experience developing topical formulations for both local and transdermal applications. Examples of topical formulations developed at Vici include:
• Topical creams
• Topical ointments
• Topical lotions
• Topical liquid preparations
• Topical gels
• Topical emulsions

Vici can develop and perform analytical and physical testing on topical formulations. Testing may include potency assay of the active ingredient, impurity testing, physical characterization including viscosity testing, stability testing of topical product to establish shelf life, in vitro release testing (IVRT) using Franz Cells, and preservative testing. In addition, Vici can also assist with topical product reverse engineering or deformulation.

      Topical preparations may be packaged in bottles, jars, tubes, or meter dosed pumps for accurate dose delivery. Vic can also support nonclinical supplies manufacturing, Phase 1 clinical supplies manufacturing, and Phase 2 clinical supplies manufacturing for a variety of topical formulations.

Vici is experienced in FDA related regulatory issues surrounding topical formulation preparation and can assist companies compile pre-IND communication and IND filings. Vici also has experience developing topical ANDA products.

Vici offers small batch manufacturing services for some types of topical products. Please call or message us to describe your needs and receive a proposal.

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